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OGRC 2020 Virtual Camp Workshops

Song Writing lead by Monique

Music to Elevate by Jasmin Rhia (Artists of Morality)

Cooking with Gina’s Cousin Tina! (HowseMade)

Thank you to our sister camps Rock Camp SLC, Girls Rock Camp Boston, and Girls Rock New Orleans for sharing their camp videos!

Learning How to Play Guitar

GRCB – Guitar Tab Reading

GRCB – Guitar: Putting Notes Together into Chords + Zombie

Girls Rock New Orleans – These are the Guitar Lessons of Our Lives

Learning How to Play Bass

 GRCB – Bass Intro

Girls Rock New Orleans – These are the Bass lessons of our lives

GRCB – Learn Songs on Bass – Tom Petty and Outkast

GRCB – Learn Songs on Bass – Flashlight (funk)

Learning How to Make Beats/DJ

GRCB- Electronic Beats

Rock Camp- SLC Live DJ Lesson

GRCB- Making Beats with Ableton Program

Learning How to Play Drums

Rock Camp SLC- DIY Drums

GRCB Drum Videos:

 Intro to Drums

Intro to Drums: Drum Warm Up

Drum Exercises

Drum Paradiddles 

Girls Rock New Orleans: Drums general/intro


GRCB Bandlab

Recording with No Equipment

Record & Share Multi-Track Files with BandLab

BandLab Tutorial Playlist