Volunteer Positions

Instrument Instruction Mornings, M-F 8:30A – 12P (guitar, bass, drums, vocals) – Instructors are female mentors responsible for teaching their assigned instrument to campers varying in age and ability. The main purpose of instruction is to meet each camper at their skill level and help them prepare for the Showcase.
Band Manager Monday ALL DAY, T-F band practice 12:00P – 6:00P- Band Managers are female mentors whose main tasks include making sure campers are where they need to be, stay on the camp site, have an escort to the bathroom, are in the correct assigned workshops/groups, and generally look out for their safety. This may also include conflict resolution. No musical skill is necessary for this position.
Band Coach Monday ALL DAY, T-F band practice 12:00P – 6:00P – Band coaches are female mentors who have experience writing, practicing, performing, and possibly recording and touring original songs with their band(s). Band coaches are female mentors who have experience writing, practicing, performing, and possibly recording and touring original songs with their band(s).
Front Desk Crew M-F 7:30-9:30A and/or 4:00– 6:00P – The front desk shift is usually held by two people who may or may not have other duties such as nurse or drama trauma. The front desk jobs are to help with registration, check campers in and out, provide earplugs, monitor visitors, handle phone calls, give directions, answer questions, ensure sure campers leaving the camp location are escorted (even 18 year olds!). They may also sell Showcase tickets, raffle tickets, and merch, act as a Gear Room Monitor, unlock and lock doors.

• Showcase Crew Saturday 9:00A – 4:00P – The day of the showcase we need people to help set up the venue (hang posters, set up gear, set up merch), sell merch, help organize bands before they perform, and anything else need the day of the showcase.
Roadies Sunday Setup, 8:30A – 5:30P– Acts as a point person for camp coordinators, instructors, band managers and coaches for all gear related issues throughout the week, lifts and moves heavy objects, set up equipment when and where necessary each day; Roadies should also know or be willing to learn how to set up a complete practice space, how to run the camp’s various sound boards for workshops, lunch time shows, morning assemblies. Secures, maintains, and ensures equipment is treated well. Must be patient and attend to last minute gear requests, and be able to lift 30 lbs.
Trash and Hash Crew M-F Morning Shift: 8:00A – 1:00P, Afternoon Shift: 12:00P – 6:00P – The hardest job on the planet! Throughout the week, you will be called upon to help with one, more or all of these types tasks: daily morning set up, camper check in/out, serving lunch to our volunteers, merch sales, volunteer room maintenance, picking up donations, camper lunch supervision/presence, general clean up including sweeping/ mopping/ vacuuming, taking out trash, bathroom clean-up, moving gear, Showcase assistance, and other tasks that help everyone have a great day at camp.
Drama Trauma M-F Morning Shift: 8:00A – 1:00P, Afternoon Shift: 12:00P – 6:00P – This position is open for female mentors who have experience dealing with conflict-resolution and are familiar with youth issues and social needs. Drama Trauma especially can help during band formation and band practice with resolving group issues or talking individually with campers who need support. This position may also double as Front Desk Crew. Great communication and a love for the mission of the Rock Camp go hand in hand with being on call to support band coaches and managers throughout the week. Check in with campers you have interacted with, and offer extra support by attending the end of day meeting to help us solve problems before they become crises.

Photograph Crew Monday 8:00 – 1:00P , at least 1 afternoon band practice, Friday Showcase run-through, Saturday Showcase – Photographers and videographers to document camp week, workshops, Saturday Showcase and other camp related activities.

Workshop Leaders M-F 9:30A – 11:30A, 1:30P – 3:30P – Workshops will be scheduled prior to and after lunch and last approx. 45 minutes. If needed, campers will be split into four groups and some workshops may be given twice a day for two days to each group. Workshop leaders will be required to send in a proposal with their volunteer application, and may ask for the assistance of band managers, coaches, or others for support staff.
Glam Rock School Saturday 9:00A – 2:00P – The day of the showcase we like to help the girls get ready by helping them do their hair and nails. There will be a lot of glitter. You have been warned.